Thursday, 10 May 2007

What does the future hold?

Well, quite simply, we did it! We held on to our league status by beating Boston 3-1 at the Racecourse last Saturday. Was it a great achievement? No. We can't be proud of the fact that we were staring relegation in the face. The win against Boston was a good one, don't think I'm taking anything away from the players, the second half performance showed guts and passion. What worries me is the fact that it takes a goal against us to get us going. This shouldn't happen.

Brian Carey has been officially announced as our permanent manager today on a 2 year deal. Is this a good call by Nev and Geoff? Who knows. I'd like to think so though. Brian has make a few changes around the club, bringing in Andy O'Boyle for example, which nobody can argue with. What gets me is the fact that we didn't have a dedicated fitness guy/sports scientist before.

The signings of Williams and Proctor on loan were inspired signings for Brian, and they certainly did the job for us late in the season. Both of whom have expressed on numerous occasions that they wish to join us permanently, and I have to say, Id be straight in there with a contract for the pair of them. Williams is fantastic at commanding his box, and Proctor looks creative both on the wing and up front.

Brian has released Mike Ingham and Lee Roche, this says to me that he must be totally confident of securing Williams signature for next season. I'll be honest, I'll be sad to see Mike go, but can understand why Brian has let him go. Roche I'm not surprised with at all, he hasn't featured for the last 6 games, and has been plagued with injuries. One thing that does worry me, is that he's offered contracts to everyone else...the team that nearly got us relegated from the football league. Hopefully Brian has made a good judgement call here, and hasn't screwed up.

It's going to be interesting to see how many accept their contracts, and how many refuse and put in transfer requests, I'm thinking that maybe Danny Williams and Chris Llewellyn will be angling for a move, I do really hope I'm wrong however!

Let's hope that we are never in this situation again, and that we're challenging for a play-off place at the very least next season. It's a big ask, but it's what we HAVE to aim for.

Enjoy the closed season!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Wrexham go into their game at home against Boston United on Saturday needing only a draw to secure our Football League status...with over 9000 tickets sold already, I hope to God that Brian Carey is telling the lads that he expects nothing less than a win, as whenever we need a draw, we lose. Boston are travelling with only eight professionals, the rest of the squad will be made up of the youth team.

It's also been announced recently that Boston will enter into a CVA (Company Voluntary Agreement) on Saturday, and the 'vote' will be timed according to how Boston are performing on the hallowed turf of the Racecourse Ground. On Wednesday of last week, Boston's creditors and shareholders agreed that the club should enter the CVA, which is similar to administration and also carries a compulsory deduction of 10 league points. The creditors agreed to accept 47 pence for ever £1 of monies owed.

If Boston are winning, then the 'vote' (which will be done by proxy voting) will be held off until after the final whistle, meaning that Boston stay in the Football League and will start next season on minus 10 points. However, they have stated that if they look 'dead and buried' with minutes left to play, the 'vote' could be cast before the final whistle, meaning that the points deduction will come off this seasons total, meaning that they will finish bottom of League 2.You can imagine the situation, 2 minutes of injury time left, Wrexham winning 1-0, Boston enter the CVA and then score 2 very late goals, which would have then relegated Wrexham if they hadn't have entered the CVA. To me, this situation is an absolute joke, not only are they trading illegally whilst knowingly insolvent, but they're also using the CVA to their advantage. The Boston Chairman said today that they could have entered the CVA last Wednesday, but they've held it off. This is cheating the system pure and simple. Wrexham had to go into administration has our debts had been engineered to ensure the club had to fold, we took the 10 point deduction and were relegated by only a few points come the end of the season. But the people running Boston United, who it has been said are 'shady characters', are once again taking the law, and the league rules into their own hands.

The Football League have been made aware of this. Will they do anything? Will they hell.

It's going to be emotional on Saturday, I don't know whether my heart will be able to take it. If we lose, there will be riots. One thing is for sure though, the atmosphere should be electric. As usual, I've been reading the forums on Red Passion this week, and the thread discussing where people are coming from, and the sacrifices they're making to get to the Racecourse on Saturday makes me so proud to be a Wrexham fan. Let us all just hope that we the result we need come 5PM on Saturday!

Come on the town!