Monday, 21 July 2008

Musings for the up-coming campaign...

Well, I couldn't attend the Wolves game due to a prior committment, but I was at the Blackpool game on Saturday. That was an interesting affair. We weren't poor as such, but we weren't good either. The biggest worry I have is the lack of an obvious goal scorer. It may have been a friendly in which Louis took his wild air-shot, but I have to admit, that didn't fill me full of confidence. One thing that he does have on his side however is pace. He seems lightening fast! I still believe that Proctor will score goals for us in the Conference, given the chance.

The other worry that I have is the signing of Kempson. He didn't do a lot to impress me against Blackpool, but I'm not going to judge him on a practice game anyway. The jury is most definately out...for now. I keep remembering about the excitment surrounding our last signing from Shrewsbury, one Mr. Richard Hope. A brute of a centre-back who was a great signing for us. Or so we thought. It's that fact that worries me about Kempson. The majority of Wrexham fans seem quite excited about the acquisition of him, but I can't help but remember the excitement surrounding Hope's arrival. Then again, he can't be 'that' bad, can he?

Kearney looks to be a very shrewed signing by Little, quite possibly the best of the close-season. He impressed me immensley on Saturday, and I think that he will bring a whole new dimension to the centre of midfield for us. The question is though, who will play alongside him? There's nobody who jumps straight to my mind. I don't think Levi Mackin is consistent enough, and he lets his head drop far too often. Fleming did very well though on Saturday, and I'd like to see Little give him a chance.

So what about our game tomorrow against Crewe? Well I'd like to see Little play a team of 11, who he intends to start the campaign with. The players looked very well conditioned on Saturday, and what we need now is the fine tuning, and you don't get that from playing two different teams over the 90 minutes. Prehaps it's that Brian Little doesn't have a clue who he's going to play as his first team? I hope I am wrong though.