Saturday, 24 March 2007

How wrong was I?

Yesterday I wrote that I thought that we would lose against Bristol Rovers today. Now, I don't like being wrong, in fact, this is the first time that I've been wrong about anything! But boy, if this is what it feels like to be wrong, then I want to experience it more often!

I couldn't make it to the game today due to a prior engagement that I couldn't get out of, and I am absolutely gutted that I wasn't there.

This win was just what we needed, it's going to lift the players and lift the fans, and hopefully get a few more people at the Racecourse next Saturday!

We're now one point behind Boston, with equal goal difference and a game in hand, this really is in our hands now. We need to make sure that we give 100% for 90 minutes every game.

It's also nice to hear that we didn't pick up one single yellow card (or red!) today!

We simply must beat Mansfield a week today, and I think that will. This is the turn of fortune that we needed so badly. Let's just hope that I'm right about this, and not wrong (again!).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Rich Holmes

Friday, 23 March 2007

Who said it would be easy?

It's never easy being a Wrexham fan, especially when we're sitting in 23rd place in League 2, but the players now need us more than ever to be the 12th man. This was evident against Bury, 6500 Wrexham fans, on all sides of The Racecourse, getting behind the lads from the 1st whistle right up until the last. All the players were grateful for the fan's efforts, and it's important that the fans turn out in large numbers again against Mansfield on Saturday 31st March, no matter what the result is against Bristol Rovers tomorrow (I personally think we'll be very lucky if we come away with a point). I'd hope that everyone who was at the Bury game (obviously, I understand that people may have other commitments) will try their hardest to turn up again, as the spirited display by the 9 men in red shirts was absolutely fantastic. And better still, it's only going to cost you a fiver again! I was jealous that night that I wasn't in with stands with the fans, singing my heart out for the lads, the atmosphere was electric.

Everybody seems to be saying that every game is a 'must win' now, and well...I can't disagree and I'm sure that whoever reads this ramble of mine won't disagree either! It's quite simple really, if we don't win games, then we won't stay up. This is a fight until the death, I'd really hoped that we would have been safe by now, but this is going to go down to the wire.

We survived Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Gut(t)erman, and we can survive this. Wrexham Football Club must stay in the football league.

So, let's hope for a point or better tomorrow, it's going to be a tough one, but if we play like we know we can play, then we could get a result, but as I said earlier, I think we'll be very lucky to take a point.

Let's all get behind the boys.

Thanks for reading

Rich Holmes