Sunday, 28 September 2008

Thanks for giving it a go Mr. Little

Well, there we have it. On Saturday, 27 September 2008, Brian Little parted company with Wrexham FC by 'mutual consent'. Many fans saw this coming, and are 100% behind this decision. I however, could see it on the horizon, but I didn't think, nor did I agree with it, being so soon.

Mr. Moss had awarded Little with a two-year contract, which he servered what, 11 games of? I know that Little was given the chance to build a squad, and some may say that he was given ample time for this, but I'm not so sure that this was the right way to go. I would have liked to have seen Little given until early January to turn things around. It could have been so easy as well, a couple of wins, and we can be right back up there.

Today's one all draw, was a step in the right direction, I suppose, but there was some talk (including a comment made by Martin Foyle) that the team that played against Torquay was the team that Little was planning on playing. Interesting that a departed managers' team selection would still be used...if true? 

The Torquay game still wasn't good enough, but I'll certainly take a point. We looked more like a unit, but still looked shakey at the back. A direct ball over the top would leave our defenders in a fair amount of trouble. The midfield still looked rather 'iffy', and the strikers worked fairly hard to their credit. Their is much work still to be done, and it's going to take time. But I can't see the Wrexham Faithful being happy with Carey and Foyle at the helm. WHat's needed in my opinion is a total backroom clear-out. This is our chance for a fresh start.

Now that's not to say that I believe that Carey deserves to go. He's been a loyal servant to the club, and I believe that he is 100% Wrexham through and through. But maybe it's time for fresh blood?

I'd like to personally thank Brian Little for his efforts with Wrexham, it's not an easy job, and certainly not one that I would ever want! I just hope that your time at Wrexham hasn't ended your managerial career early. I wish you all the luck in the future Brian, in whatever you do.

A rather sad and depressed
Rich Holmes

Friday, 12 September 2008

New Wrexham FC radio show on Calon FM 105

I forgot...I was supposed to add this to my main post today...

Myself and Spencer Harris launch the new Wrexham FC radio programme 'DragonHeart' tomorrow, on Wrexham's community radio station, Calon FM.

You can catch the show Saturday afternoon between 1PM and 2PM on 105FM on the Wrexham area, or online at


Neglect...from both myself and the players

I've neglected this blog for far too long, in fact, I haven't written to it since pre-season (some of it may be due to the fact that I keep forgetting the password!). I could have sworn I had, but there's nothing there since pre-season, so I must have dreamt it. I hope that fills you with a warm, squishy feeling inside, as it comes from the heart, I mean, if I dream of something, then it must be important, it must surely mean something? Yes? No. Thought not!

Our last couple of games haven't been great, and I'm kind of getting that sinking feeling again. One that is all to common for us Wrexham fans. I keep trying to tell myself that it's still early in the season, but I can't see how we can achieve very much playing the tactics, and the players, that we are at present.

I don't want to start getting on players backs, that's the last thing that I want to do, but sitting up in the press box, it's pretty obvious where we're going wrong. I don't understand how Brian Little can't see what's happening. Now, I'm not slagging Little off, as I think he's doing alright for us, and I genuinely think that he's the right man for the job. He has the experience, certainly, but I just feel like he's missing something. Playing 'hoof-ball' (or 'long-ball' for the more cultured amongst us!) just isn't working. Having Stevie Evans playing the long diagonal every time, without looking up is just giving the ball away nine times out of ten. Our midfiled looks anonymous at best, Kearney works hard, but he hasn't got the right player along side him in the middle of the park. The news that Conall Murtagh is back in contention (give or take a reserve game or two) is music to my ears. Levi Mackin looked ok pre-season and in the first game or so, but know he looks out of his depth. Little has got to give Murtagh (or even Tom Taylor) a run in the side. Murtagh is the man for the job in my opinion, I said this in pre-season, and I'm sticking to it. He's a tidy player, who is good and the ball, has a decent footballing brain, and sweet jesus, can he strike a football. 

We need to use our wide players more, we're letting teams, both home and away, dictate the play, and everything becomes far too narrow. We're not getting enough service to the strikers either. I also believe that a Louis-Proctor partnership up front would work very well for us, with Whalley out on the wing. Jeff and Mike are the sort of players who, with time, can form a partnership that will allow them to play off each other with great success. Hopefully, tomorow will be the time for Little to introduce this.

The defence is another issue - sometimes we look solid at the back, and other times we look worryingly shakey.

I don't know, maybe we can turn things around tomorrow at home to Ebbsfleet. I hope we do. I wan't a good performance as well. In fact, I'd take an excellent performance and a loss, as that would be a step in the right direction...possibly. We should be beating teams like Ebbsfleet, and I say that with now disrespect to Ebbsfleet whatsoever, but come on, we really should be.

Well here's hoping for three points, and a decent performance from all tomorrow.

As my good friend Matt Wedderkopp used to say in his 'On the Kop' feature in the Red Passion fanzine: Keep the faith!