Saturday, 28 April 2007


Looks like I'll be listening on Wrexham World today as I can't get hold of my mate who was supposed to be driving me. :-( This is a knightmare.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Walsall (away) and a brief look back at Shrewsbury and the inside of my mind.

Well, one point from the Bescott tomorrow and our Football League status is safe! It's 3 wins on the bounce now, and the lads must be full of confidence going into tomorrow's game.

I thought that we'd beat Shrewsbury, and I feel that we can beat Walsall as well. I'm not as confident though as Bury beat them last weekend, but still, if we go out there and play like we are capable of, then we are more than capable of brushing them aside.

I was so jealous on Tuesday evening, the Wrexham fans went wild when Michael Proctor smashed the ball off the underside of the cross bar into the back of the net, and the scenes at the final whistle almost brought a tear to my eye.

So tomorrow, there's a possibility that I'm going to leave the commentating to the ever professional Mr. Griffiths and join the Wrexham fans in the away end. It's been a couple of seasons since I watched Wrexham from the terraces rather than the press box, and Tuesday night was the first real time that I felt left out of the celebrations, and Rich Williams from the Evening Leader said the same thing, before and after the match! I did give out a little yelp (for want of a better description) on Tuesday night, and I did jump to my feet (much to the displeasure of the Shrewsbury directors the row in front of me), but then so did the Radio Wales commentators! My Dad told me that he was listening to Radio Wales on the way home from work, and when Proctor scored the winner, the commentators on Radio Wales didn't have a clue who scored, because of the celebrating they were doing!! Happy days!

Fear not though, I will be returning to the mic for the Boston game! I've come to enjoy the work I do with Mark, it's a great honour for me to help Mark provide this service (and even more of an honour that he asked me back after my first attempt!!). I had a shocker on Tuesday night, I can admit that, my head wasn't on the job at all, plus the fact that I held the lip mic too far away didn't help matters! I'm really enjoying the other media work that we're doing (if you can call it that!) such as the podcasts, the vlog and this very blog!

So back to tomorrow's game, I'm predicting a 2-1 win, with Danny Williams and Michael Proctor to score, accompanied by a passionate performance from the lads. One thing that I'm not impressed with though, is the £18 to get in!!

C'mon the town!


Monday, 2 April 2007

Mansfield game

That really has to be 2 points dropped. Mansfield came for a draw, and we let them dictate the play. They were there for the taking, and once again, at home, we failed.

Still, there was positives, Matty Done was absolutely fantastic for the majority of the game, Garrett did alright, as did Mike Williams and Proctor was looking good before he was taken off. The clean sheet is also a big bonus!

I'm looking forward to visiting Macclesfield on Saturday, it's a game which is a classic relegation '6 pointer' and there's two possibilities...the game will be fantastic, or it the game will be absolutely dire. As long as Roberts and McEvilly's injuries aren't too serious, and that Whitley's virus disappears, then this should be a game that we take 3 points from. I'll say it again, SHOULD take 3 points from. I do fear that we will miss Danny Williams though. For this game, more than ever, I'm waiting anxiously for the referee's appointments to be released by the football league. Surely we can't be screwed again?

I'm not going to talk about Accrington Stanley, because I don't want to waste me time writing about a club who cheated, and then tried to cover it up. Bugger, I just did.

So yeah, free coach travel to Macc for the first 1000 supporters to buy their tickets. Lets hope that we have at least 1500 reds at Moss Rose this coming Saturday.

Have a good week

Rich Holmes