Thursday, 30 August 2007

The mystery of team selections

Having had just over 24 hours to reflect on the 5-0 spanking we received from Aston Villa, I can't help thinking that maybe things would have been different if we had have fielded a full strength side.

Before you start thinking that I'm slating Brian Carey, let me categorically say that I am not, and that I fully support his as manager of Wrexham. I just think that his team selection for the Villa game was a little odd.

Brian justified it by telling the media that Saturday's game at home to Hereford is more important, and that he wanted to rest players in preparation for that, and I can understand that. What I don't understand is that if you're going to pick a youthful, lightweight looking side, then why not include some older, more beefy players on the bench? Danny Williams for example, we missed him immensely. Poor Levi Mackin looked lost without someone like Danny alongside him, to guide him through the game against classy premiership opposition.

To be fair, the team held there own for the first half hour of the game...then when we conceded, our heads dropped, and we never really recovered from that. That's when the likes of Danny Williams and Neil Roberts really add something to the side.

Putting Proctor up front on his own didn't really work all that well either. I really like Michael, I think he's a really good player, but with him liking to come back and help out in midfield (not totally a bad thing), he's leaving a vast open space up front where he should be, thus meaning that we often gave the ball away.

Llewellyn and Spender linked up really well on the right flank, and Eifion did well on the left.

Mark Jones managed his first full game of the season, and he did ok, though he told me after the game that he felt tired towards the end. Hopefully we'll see the Jonah that we all know and love sooner rather than later.

Pejic had a stong game at the back, and he was my man of the match. He was solid, and his distribution was good as well.

Steve Evans however, didn't impress me. In my opinion, he looked like a bit of a liability, and my first choices for centre backs would be Pejic and Hope.

It will be interesting to see how we done against Hereford with our 'full strength side' on Saturday. If we slip up, Carey won't be able to complain, and maybe it'll leave a sour taste in supporters mouths, after the weakened team on Tuesday evening. Several supporters have told me that they felt annoyed by the fact that we didn't play a full team, and felt robbed that they had to pay full price to watch a half strength Wrexham side. Villa were there for the taking, but we didn't capitalise on it.

It is also good to see that Juan Ugarte and Matty Crowell are starting to make there comebacks in the reserves. Both came through 90 minutes in a 'behind closed doors' friendly against Stockport. Matty even scored the games only goal! New signing Silvio Spann also played 60 minutes of this match.

Lets hope that Carey and Weaver can get the lads confidence back up after the embarrassing 5-0 defeat to Villa, and we can take 3 points of Hereford on Saturday.

See you at the Racecourse!


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