Monday, 17 March 2008

Can we do it?

It's been a hell of a long time since I've actually written anything in my Wrexham FC blog, but sitting at home on a Sunday night/Monday morning kind of inspired me to sit back down and type...once I'd remembered the username and password that is!!

I've not been around much recently due to personal problems, but I was at Chester last weekend, where we took a much needed three points. It wasn't the prettiest of games, but we won...we scored two goals...and that was worth much more than just playing well.

It was refreshing because we often play quite well and take nothing. Whereas against Chester, it was two poor teams, in a poor game. We took our chances (for a change), and they didn't.

The win over Bury was crucial this Saturday, and I'm gutted that I missed it. Now we need to look forward to this coming weekend, when we play Brentford, another must win game, although I'd take a point as long as we beat Dagenham On Easter Monday.

So, can we do it? Can we beat what seems like certain relegation for a second season on the bounce? Well I bloody well hope so! A couple of weeks ago I was pretty much resigned to the fact that we would go down, but now, now I'm not so sure! I don't think my heart could take another game like the one we played against Boston on the final day of last season!

Hopefully, I'll get back into the habit of writing these things more often again, but until next time, take it easy and keep the faith.


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